New Construction Inspections

New Construction Inspections

Are You Building a New Home?

Many people do not realize that an inspection from a 3rd party (inspector you hire) will inspect the new construction home for defects during construction on an unbiased opinion. Average home owners are not aware that certain aspects of the home during construction are never inspected or even looked at during construction.

Protect Your New Construction Home with a Construction Inspection

  • new home inspectionThe local county inspectors do not carry ladders and do not inspect the roof area of the home.

  • Decks are not inspected either. Most county inspectors just look and see if items are in place and not to see if they are properly installed, such as nuts and washers on the sill plate securing the home to the foundation. You would be surprised how often the nuts can be loosened with just your fingers.

  • All plumbing and electric lines within 1/2 inch of the edge of the board are required to have a steel plate protector, you would be surprised how many do not have the protectors.

Buying/building a home is probably the largest investment you will make in your entire life. Why not protect your investment like you would any other? Get your investment inspected during the construction phases. There are many items to look for in a home inspection during new construction. Once the insulation and drywall are installed there is no way of knowing what is behind the walls and if items are completed correctly.

Do Not Assume Your New Home is Perfect

Cincinnati home inspector Chris Green's credentials include over 36 years of experience in all major areas of the construction industry. The inspection team looks for failures in water management, decks, siding, roofs, attic ventilation, attic trusses, plumbing, HVAC, and all other major components.

We also recommend you bring in an ASHI certified home inspector before your 1-year warranty expires. Get inspected, to be protected!

Make sure whomever you hire has a license from the state or an adjoining state if your state is not licensed and regulated. Hiring a home inspector for your new construction is a solid peace of mind and also a very educational experience with the right home inspector.

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