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The Inspector Chris home inspection team has walked through a lot of residential homes and condos, plus apartment buildings over the years. We've seen plenty of DIY patches that make us shake our heads. We hope to provide bits of advice in this blog that you find practical and helpful.

Ionization Smoke Detectors Fail 65% of the Time in a Smoldering Fire

Ionization smoke detectors are not designed to pick up large particle smoke from smoldering fires. Ionization smoke detectors are designed to pick up smoke particles from fast high flaming fires with smaller particle smoke. Ionization smoke detectors are considered nuisance alarms due to the fact they will go off simply by making toast, boiling water, turning an electric stove, due to they produce smaller/finer smoke particles. Photoelectric smoke detectors are designed to pick up large and small particle smoke which can save lives in the event of a fire. Photoelectric smoke detectors will alert the occupants faster and sooner than an ionization smoke detector. It is recommended that every house should install a photoelectric smoke detector at least one on every floor of the home to alert the occupants in the event of a fire. It is suggested to make a fire escape route and practice that route and maybe have a few different routes in the event of the fire in different locations and different floors of the house.

Smoke Detector

Since the fire at the University of Cincinnati on New years day 3013, the city of Cincinnati has changed and implements a City Ordinance to change that rule. Cincinnati City Council passed an ordinance on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 to require photoelectric smoke detectors in rental properties. Buildings with less than 12 units have 6 months to install one photoelectric smoke detector in a bedroom, or outside of a bedroom between contiguous
bedrooms. Buildings with 13 or more units are to install the photoelectric smoke detectors at turnover and have them all in place within 2 years.

The state of Ohio has changed the law that all new construction housing is required to have photoelectric smoke detectors installed as of April, 1, 2015, But that law has not been finalized and put into action as of yet.

Photoelectric smoke detectors cost approx 15-20 dollars, Is your family and property and personal items worth the cost of the photoelectric smoke detectors.

There is one thing for sure and that is fires will happen and you never know when it can happen to you and your family, Hopefully you never have to experience this type of loss, but if you do don't you want to be prepared in the event that it does happen and be alerted when it does happen and not be a statistic.

Here is a list of College campus fires in the state of Ohio since 2000. There have been 161 lives lost in college campus fires since 2000 in the United States. Ever wonder how many of those lives may have been saved with the proper smoke detectors to alert the occupants?

Air Isn't as Light as People Think

Question MarkIt is pushing on your skin right now with up to 15 pounds of pressure per square inch, a weight so light you can not feel it. Your lungs feel it, especially when it's bogged down with toxins. And while we tend to think of air pollution as an outdoor threat, it can be even worse inside the buildings where we live and work.

The causes of indoor air pollution vary from area to area, house to house and even room to room, floor to floor. Contaminated air seeps in from the outside air, but it also comes up from several other of indoor sources like construction materials, consumer products, mold, insects and pets. Poor ventilation can let it accumulate to dangerous levels which results in serious health risks, a problem that often spikes in fall and winter as we seal up buildings to conserve heat.

If you're concerned about the air quality levels inside your home or office — these are two places where many people do the bulk of their breathing — you might want to pick it apart with an indoor air-quality test to ensure your home is safe and reduce the risk of health problems from possible indoor toxins.

Here is a list of the 7 most common reasons to get an indoor air quality test:

  1. Combustion
  2. Radon
  3. Asbestos
  4. Volatile organic compounds
  5. Mold and mildew
  6. Dust, dander and droppings
  7. Pesticides

These items listed above can not be seen, smelled, felt nor tasted and could be a very serious health risk.

Inspecting homes is full of surprises. Certified Home Inspector Chris and his staff have seen beautiful views of downtown Cincinnati, and a variety of problems like nests in attics and walls. Like we say - "Get inspected, to be protected!"

Chimney Damage

How Often do you Check Inside Your Attic?

Most homeowners have probably never looked in their attic unless there were water stains on the ceiling. This fireplace chimney in the attic was collapsing and falling down and the homeowner didn't have a clue about it. Don't let surprises catch you off guard when listing or selling your home. Call Inspector Chris for a complete and thorough home inspection prior to listing your home.

Wiring MessFlipped Home Electrical Mess

This rehab "flipped home" looked beautiful.

It's a shame the wiring was a mess. All the walls of this rehabbed home were gutted out... However the electrician installed new wires, pigtailed the wires, then installed the wiring in the electric panel backwards. The neutral wires are on the hot breaker. The hot and ground wire are tied together on the neutral buss bar. The brass (hot) screw is on wrong side of outlet and mixed with the neutral screw, ( normal outs have 2 brass on one side 2 silver on neutral side).

It's Smart to Have Your New Dream Home Inspected by a Pro

When you're spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on your home... there are hundreds of thoughts and decisions that come to mind.  Ask yourself a few additional questions and ponder these thoughts: 

  1. Wouldn't you want to make sure it is safe for you and your family of fire or safety hazards?
  2. Wouldn't you want to know that it is structurally safe and sound?
  3. After the purchased of your are you prepared for the costly repairs if needed?

Buying a house is the most expensive purchase you're going to make in your lifetime.  So when thinking about the money you're spending on your house, think about the home inspection as well. Do you want the cheapest cost wise inspection (after all this is the most expensive investment you are making.) Call a few inspection company and see what they offer... A home inspection will range from $300.00 to $600.00 dollars sometimes more.

Inspect your inspection company:

  • Are you a member of a home inspection national society? (ASHI NAHI groups that require continuing education yearly)
  • Do you have E&O insurance? (Its a must to have in this business)
  • Do you have General liability insurance? (It's a must to have for protection)
  • How long have you been in business? (don't let that be your deciding vote, everyone starts out somewhere)
  • Do you have any referrals from previous clients?( any GOOD home inspector will have at least 100 referrals for every 1000 inspections)
  • How many Inspections have you completed? (newer inspectors will have less don't let this be your deciding vote)
  • Have you ever worked in the construction field? (if so how long? what area of construction?)

Finding the house problems before they become your problems:

snow damage house

I personally have been called to inspect homes that the buyer passed on there inspection during the purchase. (After the purchase your stuck with the problems. This client was about to move in the home, it was dead of winter with several inches of snow on the ground and roof. They went to work on the house prior to moving in to get it ready for move in. Upon entering there new home they were so happy with, there was a heavy smell of urine in the house after being closed up for 30+days while closing.

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