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The Importance of A Home Inspection

gas linesSome years back we did an inspection for a house. What started to be a normal inspection turned into an extreme warning call. The house had several CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing) gas lines that were improperly installed. CSST is a high explosion hazard if not properly installed. They must be bonded and can not have any exposed metal on the gas line. CSST lines should not penetrate through floors, walls, foundations without protection. Exposed metal can cause an electrostatic reaction and cause damages to pipe and leak gas into the house. CSST is also a high explosion hazard in areas with heavy lighting strike zones.

One year later after the tenant had moved in the house exploded due to the CSST lines. Sadly, a life was lost. The inspection had been reviewed, but no action was taken. It was not taken as seriously as it was.

We tell this upsetting story to stress the importance of a home inspection. It’s a significant step to get one, but the best step of all is the action you take after the inspection is done. Please, do not move in to the home until the serious maintenance hazards are taken care of. We know it’s difficult to put aside the excitement you feel about a new home. Put safety #1 for you and your family. Your lives depend upon it.

CSST is becoming more and more popular due to a much easier and faster install.
We check for CSST on every home inspection and if it is present, we check to make sure it is properly installed, bonded and has no exposed metal. If you are unsure on your CSST gas lines, new home or not, contact Inspector Chris. We’d love to put your worries to rest.

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