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Warranty on Roof Shingles

Most Homeowners are Not Aware of Certain Requirements and Stipulations When Having a Roof Installed on Your Home

Most roofing companies do not install shingles properly as required by the manufacture's application requirements. Most roofing companies install shingles the fastest way possible which is considered and what is called "racked shingles". Rack shingles are shingles that are installed improperly and not to manufacturer specifications and requirements of application.

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  • On 3 tab shingles the correct application procedure is to begin with a shingle turned upside down with 6 inches cut off the shingle edge are starting shingle, then the shingles are applied to the roof beginning with a full-size shingle as your 1st visible course of shingles.
  • The 2nd course the shingles is a shingle with 6 inches cut off to offset the bond lines 6 inches.
  • The 3rd course of shingles is a shingle with 12 inches cut off to offset the bond lines 6 inches.
  • The 4th course of shingles is a shingle cut 18 inches off to offset the bond lines 6 inches.
  • The 5th course is a shingle cut 24 inches to offset the bond lines 6 inches.
  • The 6 course is a shingle cut 30 inches to offset the bond lines 6 inches.
  • The 7th course is a full-size shingle and repeated as stated prior to the remaining courses.

Most roofing companies install a full-size shingle then cut 6 inches off for the 2nd course, the 3rd course is then started with a full-size shingle.

Most homeowner's if not every homeowner is not aware of this, the manufacturer will void all warranties on the shingle if the shingles are not installed per manufactures application recommendations. So if you're roofer is installing the shingles in this manner when they leave the job and you think you have a nice looking roof and warranty. You're wrong. This application does not affect the performance of the roof, it affects the warranty from the manufacturer. If there is ever a manufactured default on the shingle such as blistering of the shingles this will void the warranty due to improper installation per manufactures application recommendation.

It is recommended when having a roof installed to have it inspected during installation to ensure proper installation from manufacturing from a qualified certified ASHI home inspector who is knowledgeable on manufactures installation application on roofing.

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