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Do You Know Your Roofing Contractor?

Knowing Your Contractor and His Experience is Key to a Successful Home Improvement Project

I have been on a few inspections this past week, one, specifically for a roofing inspection. My clients were having a new roof installed and wanted to make sure the installation was being done correctly.

Cincinnati Roof InspectorUpon my arrival, there were several items that were issues and the roof was already halfway installed. This raised an immediate red flag for me. I informed the owner of the roofing company about my findings, of the defects I noticed before I even got on the roof. That owner argued with me, then got mad and left the job site stating he was not going to argue with me about it. I, then, informed my client of the items that needed correcting and showed him the manufactures installation instructions.

I left the inspection site and was gone approximately 10 minutes. The client called me and stated the roofing contractor was now going to make the corrections. He then was going to make the job complete as per manufactures requirements.

There are a lot of homeowners that are not aware of rules, regulations, codes, and understandably so! The manufactures installation requirements will always trump all codes. If your specific project materials are not installed as per the manufacturer's recommendation then the manufacturer has the right to void all warranties regarding their product.

Getting the work done on your house inspected will provide you with the assurance that the work performed was done professionally, following codes, and provides you and your family with a safe enviornment.

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