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Do You Feel Safe In Your Home?

Are You Aware That Your Home May be in Jeopardy of a Fire Hazard?

There are recalls daily from building codes and building products. You may have a brand new home and feel you are safe and secure. But are you ?

  • If your home was built in 2009 - 2011 are you aware that you may have faulty breakers in your electric panel. Yes that is correct, there are recalls on certain breakers from that period of time.
    The breakers spring clip are faulty. When the breaker gets too hot (overheats) the spring clip allows the breaker to trip and end the current to that electric line. The spring clips on certain breaker when overheated pop loose and do not properly shut the breaker off in which it allows the current to continue through the electric line and causes a fire hazard due to no control on the circuit and allowing too much current to pass through the electric line.

If you are aware of this recall you should contact Inspector Christo have an electrical panel inspection to ensure your home is safe and reduce the risk of a fire hazard.

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