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Are Neutral Double Tapped Wires Okay?

Does Your Electrician Know His Own NEC Code?

NEC CodeI recently completed a home inspection and the electric panel had ALL the neutral wires double tapped into the neutral bar. The electrician told the home owners that his crew would not fix the double taps because they are within the code.

NECSo What Does the NEC Code Say?

Multiple neutral conductors from separate branch or separate feeder circuits CANNOT be installed in the same neutral terminal...

NEC 110.3(B) Clause 12.3.10 of UL 67 states:

...an individual terminal shall be provided for the connection of EACH branch-circuit neutral conductor.

This code was accepted for the 2002 NEC that made it clear that each ground conductor (neutral) MUST have its own terminal. The 2008 NEC 408.01 is the location for the rule.

There is a reason for this people - Your safety. So please know who you hire to do your work and make sure they are both licensed and knowledgeable in their field.

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