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Is Your Electric Panel Safe and Hazard Free?

There are Safety Related Issues With Several Types of Electrical Breaker Panels

electricpanelsafe300Federal Pacific electric panels have been rated a fire hazard. There have been several house fires related and caused directly by the Federal Pacific electric panel, in the past few weeks, in the Cincinnati area.

Also, there are several electric breakers that are common in many houses. There are breakers made and installed as late as 2011 that have been rated fire hazards due to nonworking items on the breakers when overheated. So please contact a certified home inspector or a qualified licensed electrical contractor to inspect your panel. Your best bet would be to contact a certified home inspector. Not all licensed electrical contractors are qualified.

Personal experience; I had a new electric panel installed in my home by a licensed electrical contractor. After the installation was completed I removed the cover and inspected the electric panel myself. Wow, the licensed electrical contractor installed not only 1 but 2 illegal double taps on 2 separate breakers. Needless to say I had to call them back and fix there mistake and the entire time the electrician was arguing with me about the double tap. So me being a home inspector I went into my office and grabbed my NEC ( National Electrical Code) book and had to show him the proper code and after that is had nothing to say except "I am truly sorry sir".

So check your contractors and just because they are licensed does not mean they are qualified. Hire a certified ASHI inspector for all your home inspection needs and requirements.

Get inspected, to be protected!

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